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The Silent Killer: Understanding the Connection Between Smoking and Lung Cancer


In the complex tapestry of human health, few connections are as clear and devastating as the one between smoking and lung cancer. With the surge in the number of smokers, the incidence of lung cancer saw a sharp and significant increase. 


Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack


A heart attack and cardiac arrest are both critical medical emergencies that can be life-threatening. Recognizing their distinct symptoms and knowing the appropriate actions can make the difference between life and death.


What are the Types of Stress: Tips to Relieve Stress


Stress is a natural response to specific demands and circumstances, but prolonged stress can impact an individual's health and well-being. Strategies for effectively managing stress encompass engaging in physical activity, establishing priorities, seeking counselling, and more.


Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: Navigating Your Journey in October


In October, the world unites to raise awareness about breast cancer. For those who have recently received a life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer, the journey ahead may seem overwhelming. You most likely have several questions, including the following: What type of breast cancer do I have? How advanced or stage is it currently? Do any clinical trials require my participation? I need treatment, but I'm not sure if my doctor can provide it. You could get the impression that you need to study a great deal of knowledge in a relatively short time, but you do not need to do it on your own. We are here to assist you in becoming informed and organised so that you can concentrate on receiving the therapy that will benefit you the most.


Breaking the Silence: Shining a Light on Osteoporosis for World Osteoporosis Day


The 20th of October marks the annual observance of World Osteoporosis Day, a global healthcare event followed by various awareness campaigns and activities to encourage the early diagnosis of osteoporosis, its treatment, and preventative tips for strong bones. The primary objective of these efforts is to persuade individuals to improve their bone health by adopting preventative practises, hence mitigating the possibility of developing osteoporosis and the issues that come along with it in the future.


Understanding Trauma: Insights and Support on World Trauma Day


World Trauma Day is a vital health awareness event that is observed annually on October 17th. Trauma can affect anyone, and understanding its profound impact on individuals and communities is crucial. Its purpose is to bring attention to the plight of trauma victims and educate individuals on how to take preventative steps in their daily lives to reduce the likelihood of being exposed to traumatic experiences.


Straighten Up for World Spine Day: A Guide to Better Posture


Every year, on October 16th, World Spine Day brings our attention to the critical role our spinal cord plays in our daily lives. This year's theme, "Move your spine," highlights the need to focus on posture, a key element in maintaining a healthy spine. In this blog, we'll delve into the significance of good posture, its impact on spinal health, and practical tips to correct and maintain it


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