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Rise in Number of Women Entrepreneurs in Rajasthan

02-10-2023 Apex Hospitals

It seems more and more women are becoming job creators than job seekers.

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Understanding the Causes and Solutions for Hair Loss in Women


Luscious locks have always been considered a crown of femininity in beauty and self-care. However, behind the veil of glossy magazine covers and Instagram filters lies a silent struggle that affects millions of women worldwide: hair loss. While often overshadowed by its more widely discussed male counterpart, female hair loss is a complex and deeply personal issue that can wreak havoc on confidence and self-esteem. Studies have shown that nearly 40% of women experience some hair loss by age 50. This article aims to shed light on the causes and solutions for hair loss in women, empowering them with knowledge and options to address this concern.

Apex Hospitals Blogs

Food habits for asthma patients: What to eat and what to avoid


Are you aware of your diet's impact on your respiratory health? For individuals living with asthma to understand which foods can act as triggers and which can promote better lung function. This article will discuss the relationship between asthma and food, highlighting what to eat and avoid for optimal management of this chronic condition.

Depression and Cardiovascular Disease

The Link Between Mental Health and Cardiovascular Disease: Breaking Down the Connection


For ages, the connection between the mind and body has been theorized. These discoveries indicate that depression and anxiety are not merely "in the mind." They are genuine illnesses akin to any other physical ailments and can adversely affect the entire body, including the cardiovascular system.

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