Heart and Cancer Awareness Seminar Held

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    The Lions Club Bharatpur Diamond organized a heart and cancer awareness seminar in collaboration with Apex Hospital Jaipur at the auditorium of The Solanki Hospital, Bharatpur. Club Administrator Rakesh Gupta informed that Dr. B.M. Goyal, Director of the Cardiology Department at Apex Hospital Jaipur, extensively discussed the prevention and treatment of heart diseases during the seminar. The discussion highlighted that modern lifestyle and diet are the primary causes of these diseases.

    Cancer specialist Dr. Pulkit Nag addressed the increasing incidence of breast cancer among women, attributing it mainly to delayed marriages and the lack of breastfeeding by mothers. He emphasized the importance of paying special attention to symptoms at the onset and provided information about the various stages of cancer. Attendees actively engaged in the discussion by asking questions to gain more insights.

    Dr. Rakesh Solanki provided details on critical care and the ICU unit operated by Apex Hospital. The seminar began with a warm welcome of the visiting doctors by Club President Janak Babu Sharma, who presented them with bouquets. The event saw participation from notable individuals such as Dinesh Sharma, Murari Lal, Kapil Gupta, Rajendra Singhal, Suresh Sunar, Gupta, Shivraj Chauhan, Madan Mohan Chauhan, Vijay Gupta, Mohan Mahawar, Sushil Kansal, Shankar Gupta, Subhash Agarwal, and Vinod Simple, along with a large number of local citizens.

    Free ECG, blood sugar, and blood pressure testing were provided during the seminar.

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