Life-saving Bone Marrow Transplant Frees Woman from Blood Cancer

Apex Hospital News

    Jaipur | Doctors at Apex Hospital have succeeded in curing 47-year-old Radha Bansal, a Dholpur resident battling blood cancer known as leukaemia, through a bone marrow transplant under the 'Chiranjeevi Yojana'.

    Under the guidance of the hospital's senior haematologist, Dr Ashish Verma, the complex treatment began with three cycles of chemotherapy to control the disease, followed by a bone marrow transplant.

    After nearly three weeks of hospitalization, the patient was discharged, and she has now fully recovered from the illness. This treatment usually costs up to 1.2 million INR, but it was provided entirely free under the 'Chiranjeevi Yojana'.

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