Dr. Pulkit Nag was Honoured with the Prestigious Bhama Shah Award for Excellence in Oncology

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    Dr. Pulkit Nag, a renowned oncologist, has been awarded the prestigious Bhama Shah Award for his remarkable contributions to the field of oncology. The award acknowledges his exceptional work in cancer treatment and research and his commitment to advancing healthcare practices.

    Dr. Nag's pioneering efforts, which have significantly improved the lives of countless cancer patients, have been recognized with the Bhama Shah Award. His innovative approaches and unwavering dedication have not only set a benchmark in the medical community but also brought hope and healing to many individuals battling cancer.

    The award ceremony, held at a grand event in Jaipur, highlighted Dr. Nag's achievements in the medical field. His colleagues and peers praised his relentless pursuit of excellence and impactful research that has contributed to a better understanding and management of cancer.

    The All-India Kayastha Society, which recognises exemplary achievements among its members, has expressed immense pride in Dr. Nag’s accomplishments. They commended his contributions and celebrated the honour bestowed upon him, noting that his success inspires the community and the medical fraternity.

    Dr. Nag's recognition of the Bhama Shah Award is a testament to his significant impact on oncology and his dedication to improving patient outcomes. His work, a source of inspiration, continues to pave the way for future advancements in cancer care.

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