Apex Skyline Hospital Performs Five Joint Replacements in a Single Day Using Resurface Technique

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    Apex Skyline Hospital, located on Road No. 3, achieved a milestone by successfully performing a record number of five joint replacement surgeries in a single day. What sets these surgeries apart is the use of the innovative resurface technique, a cutting-edge approach in the field of joint replacements.

    All patients suffered pain while walking, sitting, climbing stairs, and during their daily activities. Despite taking medication and trying home remedies for a long time, they found no relief. They were referred to Dr. Kundan Sen, a senior joint replacement and orthopedic specialist trained in Mumbai. X-ray examinations revealed severe knee joint degeneration, and surgery was recommended. The knee joint replacements were successfully carried out using the resurfacing technique. Dr. Sen explained that this technique allows patients to move within 24 hours post-surgery. After the surgery, patients can easily climb stairs and sit cross-legged without discomfort.

    Deepak Saini, the hospital's marketing head, emphasized their goal of providing the best medical services to patients. Dr. Sen’s services are available at the hospital daily. The successful operations were supported by physiotherapist Dr. Faruk Faruki, nursing superintendent Altaf Ali Kachhawa, Rajesh Saini, Sampat Kumari, Pradeep, Sachin, and Lokesh.

    It's worth noting that Apex Skyline Hospital is approved under a range of insurance schemes, including Ayushman Bharat, Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana, and several others. This approval ensures that a wide range of patients can benefit from the hospital's services.

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