Successful Operation Saves Patient with 85% Kidney Damage

Apex Hospital News

    Sawai Madhopur: Dr Mayank Jain, a senior urologist at Apex Ranthambhore Sevika Hospital, performed life-saving surgery on a patient with 85% kidney damage.

    According to Centre Superintendent Abhimanyu Singh, the patient, Rajkumar Khangar, son of Mangilal Khangar, a 35-year-old resident of Chauru village, Uniara, Tonk, visited the hospital on July 28 with abdominal pain complaints. During the examination, it was revealed that his left kidney was functioning at only 15% capacity.

    Subsequently, Dr Mayank Jain performed a pyeloplasty surgery. The operation was conducted under the Chiranjeevi Yojana. Singh explained that if the treatment had not been administered promptly, it would have necessitated kidney removal.

    He also mentioned that in the last three years, Dr Mayank Jain, the district's sole gold medallist senior urologist, has performed over 3,000 surgeries related to urological conditions.

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