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Why The Doctor Has Recommended Your Loved One/ Relative to be Admitted in Intensive Care Unit?

It is a common misunderstanding among people that those admitted in the intensive care unit, or ICU, are those that are facing some dire issues and situation is hopeless.

I always explain to my patients and relatives that “ILLNESS or MAJOR SURGERY” is like climbing Mt.Everest without the training and intensive care is the “SHERPA” which will make the mission/ recovery successfully.

ICUs are created in order to look after the welfare of patients that need ventilators, blood pressure support , medication, cutting edge treatments and close monitoring by doctors and other healthcare staff.

It is hardly the case that everyone admitted to the ICU is on the verge of losing their battle to survive. In fact, one study suggests that more than half the patients admitted to the ICU have an exceedingly low risk of dying during their hospital stay.

What is an ICU?

The intensive care unit of a hospital is usually where patients those are

Seriously ill, or those that require specialized care, or those need close monitoring or have undergone a major procedure or surgery are admitted.

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