Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy

Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy

Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy

Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM)

    Experience relief from swallowing difficulties with Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) at Apex Hospitals in Rajasthan. Our expert team of doctors and state-of-the-art facilities ensure a safe and effective procedure for your comfort and well-being.


    Peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) is a non-surgical treatment option for achalasia. Instead of traditional surgery that requires a skin incision, POEM utilizes upper endoscopy. Achalasia is a condition characterized by excessive tightness of the lower oesophageal sphincter. In individuals with oesophageal achalasia, the muscles in the oesophagus do not relax properly, and the coordination of muscle contractions is disrupted. As a result, swallowed food cannot move down the oesophagus and enter the stomach as it should. The primary objective in treating achalasia is to relax and weaken the lower oesophageal sphincter. POEM offers a minimally invasive approach through endoscopy, avoiding the need for external incisions.

How is POEM performed?

    During the procedure, the patient is placed under general anaesthesia. The endoscopist inserts a flexible endoscope through the mouth and into the oesophagus. A small incision is made in the innermost layer of the oesophagus, known as the mucosa. The endoscope is then carefully advanced through the oesophagus, following the submucosal layer. In the lower part of the oesophagus, the endoscopist precisely cuts the muscle fibres of the lower oesophageal sphincter. After the procedure, the endoscope is removed, and the initial incision in the mucosa is closed to complete the process.

What conditions does POEM treat?

    POEM is a treatment option for various oesophageal motility disorders (EMDs) that can cause difficulty swallowing. These conditions include:

  • Achalasia (the primary condition for which POEM was developed)
  • Distal oesophageal spasm (DES)
  • Jackhammer oesophagus, also known as the hyper contractible oesophagus
  • Nutcracker oesophagus, also known as hypertensive oesophageal peristalsis
  • Esophagogastric (EG) junction outflow obstruction

    POEM can effectively address these EMDs and relieve individuals experiencing swallowing difficulties associated with these conditions.

How to prepare for POEM?

    You will be instructed to follow a liquid diet a day or two before the procedure. It is essential to discontinue the use of blood thinners before the procedure in case you are using them, and your healthcare provider at Apex Hospitals may also make adjustments to other medications you are taking. On the day of the procedure, you will usually receive intravenous antibiotics to help prevent infections. These measures are taken to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

What happens after the POEM?

    Following the Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy in Jaipur, you will be kept under observation in the hospital overnight. The next day, an esophagram, an X-ray of the oesophagus, will be performed. You will be advised to follow a liquid diet for approximately one week, gradually transitioning to soft foods and, eventually, a regular diet as tolerated. You will also be prescribed an acid-reducing medication for one-month post-procedure. The procedure results will be shared with your referring physician(s) to ensure proper communication and continuity of care.


    POEM is considered a generally safe procedure. However, rare complications, such as bleeding or a perforation in the oesophageal lining, may occur. It is essential to be aware of potential signs of complications and seek medical attention if you experience any of the following: blood in the stool, black stool, fever, chills, vomiting, chest pain, stomach pain, or shortness of breath. Your discharge papers given by Apex Hospitals will provide instructions on contacting your doctor in such cases.

    At Apex Hospitals, we prioritize your health and well-being. Our dedicated team provides personalized care, ensuring you receive the attention and support you need throughout your Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) procedure. Trust in our expertise and experience a higher level of care.

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