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    A National Walkathon for Health Awareness on August 6

    Jaipur. On the occasion of National Vascular Day, organized by the Vascular Society of India, a nationwide walkathon will be held on August 6. The poster for the Jaipur event was launched on Wednesday.

    This event will take place simultaneously in 25 cities across the country. In Jaipur, the walkathon will be organized from Apex Hospital to Peacock Garden. Hundreds of Jaipurites are expected to participate in this walkathon. Participants in the walkathon will convey messages like 'Amputation-Free India' and 'Walk a Mile, Live with a Smile.'

    The purpose of this event by the Vascular Society is to raise awareness about the importance of health, promote community unity, and inspire lifestyle changes while delivering a message of keeping vascular problems at bay.

    The Jaipur walkathon will be organized by Senior Vascular Surgeon Dr. Adarsh Kabra and Rituraj Singh. Dr. Kabra explained that the aim of this walk is to provide timely treatment before amputation is required, thus saving the foot."

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