Dr. Sachin Jhawar’s New Book "Aur Bhi Shubh Din" Launched at Grand Ceremony

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    Dr. Sachin Jhawar, Director of Apex Hospital, celebrated the launch of his latest book, Aur Bhi Shubh Din (Making Every day Better), at a prestigious event attended by prominent dignitaries. The book release ceremony saw the presence of esteemed guests such as Digvijay Dabriya, Sharad Kankaria, and KK Bohra, who graced the occasion as chief guests alongside the hospital’s chairman, Dr. SB Jhawar. All extended their heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Sachin on his new publication.

    In his address, Dr. Sachin Jhawar reflected on the challenging experiences he encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic, which inspired his writing. These reflections led to his first book, Shubh Din, released last year. Encouraged by the positive response, Dr. Jhawar penned a sequel, Aur Bhi Shubh Din, drawing inspiration from various uplifting life events. 3

    Dr. Sachin emphasized that the essence of his new book revolves around the power of positivity and its role in guiding life in the right direction. He shared that Aur Bhi Shubh Din focuses on the art of living and making timely decisions, aiming to inspire readers to lead a fulfilling life.

    Notably, Dr. Sachin announced that all proceeds from the book will be donated to charity in the medical sector, underlining his commitment to giving back to the community. The launch event underscored the significance of positivity and resilience in overcoming life's challenges, a message that resonates deeply in these times.

    The event concluded with an overwhelming response from attendees, who appreciated Dr. Sachin’s dedication to spreading positivity and supporting healthcare initiatives through his literary work.

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